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Thread: How To: MFSW Retrofit - 2012 Octavia VRS Manual

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    Ok, thanks Brad.

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    Good evening!

    Recently I bought a Skoda Octavia Combi 1Z FL (2011) 1.2 TSI (manual) with cruise control but without a MFSW... Plus I have an Amundsen+ in combination with a Parrot MKi-9200.

    Today I received a set of MFSW controls (3T0 959 537 B and 3T0 959 538 D) and I hope to receive a Fabia RS steering wheel (with shifters which need to be removed). The controls are without the phone function because my Amundsen+ does not have this option.

    Is the 5K0-953-549-B compatible with my setup and new MFSW?

    Steering Wheel Control Module Versions - Ross-Tech Wiki


    Will add pictures soon.


    *sorry... forgot to introduce myself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 137699 View Post
    Hi I am about to do this upgrade on my yeti. I already have MFSW but it doesn't have paddles so I'm upgrading it to a wheel that does have paddleshift.

    Does this mean the module I already have will suffice or will I need to upgrade this also?

    Resurrecting an *old* thread here!

    Iím considering upgrading my Yeti to a DSG paddle steering wheel. Did you go ahead with yours? Any issues at all? Iím of the understanding that a Mk2 Superb or possibly Octavia Mk2 steering wheel will work.

    Any experience here would be great. Thanks.

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    Bringing this thread back from the dead...

    I just bought a MY11 Octavia VRS Manual and lack of MSFW is quite annoying compared to my old 2008 Jetta which has them.

    So I am about to go down the path of gathering parts to convert to MFSW.

    I was thinking of changing the stalks over as well to delete the buttons the MSFW will make obselete.

    I am think the steering module, clock spring, stalks and wiring can obtained a MK5 golf/jetta at the wreckers.

    I will check what version of steering module I have first using VCDS.

    Was considering buying the wheel new from, are these guys reliable?

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    I might have some of the parts youíre looking for, PM me

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