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Thread: Gen 5 Haldex replacement

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    Gen 5 Haldex replacement

    Gen 5 Haldex replacement-haldex-unit-jpg
    Hi all, I'm after a replacement Haldex control unit for my 2015 Skoda Octavia Scout.

    I'm stuggling to find an exact match (have been searching the globe!) and also can't find any information on whether or not a newer version can be used as a replacement.

    Has anyone dealt with this issue? Is there anyone in Aus that can repair these? (there is a guy in the UK, but could take a while to sort it out)

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Looks like that part number has been superseded (last letter of the part number is now J instead of D). As to whether the newer version is compatible with your car im not sure, but it should be.

    You could try contacting VAGParts in Sydney who can source you genuine parts at better than dealership prices. Volkswagen & Audi Car Parts & Auto Parts. Shop Parts Online Australia
    – VAGPARTS Australia

    There is also this option from USA: 403 Forbidden
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