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Thread: D.I.Y. and Maintenance inc. Oil info. Also Links To Popular & Useful Threads.

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    Lightbulb D.I.Y. and Maintenance inc. Oil info. Also Links To Popular & Useful Threads.

    Engine Oils use approved oils only.

    VW504.00 VW507.00 is backward compatible so it can be used in all previous petrol and diesel engines with older oil specification with some exemptions (not related to Skoda engines).

    Official VW,SKODA List of Factory Approved Engine Oils
    Replace latest at every 15,000km or 12months whatever comes first.

    These are on the list and are available from all good car parts stores.
    Penrite Enviro+ 5W30
    (in 1L or 5L bottles - fully imported oil made overseas) is available from all good auto parts stores and for $76.00 RRP is the cheapest ($60 if you shop around)

    Shell Helix Ultra Extra 5W30
    (in 5L bottles) is available from Nissan dealers and Super Cheap Auto ($75/5L)

    Mobil 1 ESP 5W30
    tel.1800 033 863 for your local Mobil oil distributor (supplied in 20L drums only)

    Castrol SLX PowerFlow Professional Formula 5W30
    from the dealer – the most expensive option. 1L for top up will cost you around $30.00

    Gear Oils
    Unlike engine oils the different brands of transmission fluids shouldn't be mixed together and the same apply to gear oils.

    For 6speed manual gearbox
    Penrite Gear Oil 70 SAE 70W-75, API GL-4 (in 2.5L bottle) $45.00 RRP
    Red Line MTL Gear oil 70W80 API GL4 (1US Gallon)

    Diff oils
    Penrite Transaxle 75 SAE 75W-90 API GL-5 (in 2.5L bottle) $29.00 RRP

    Transmission Oils
    Use only genuine ATF and DSG fluids.
    Replace DSG fluid in 6 speed DSG transmission every 60,000km or 48 months, whatever comes first.

    Power Steering fluid
    Again use only approved power steering oils. Penrite makes power steering oils for all VAG cars. Most likely you will have electromechanical steering that doesn’t have the reservoir for topping up, so you will not need it.

    Use genuine VW coolant only (G12+) VW states lifetime fill, I suggest replacing it after 5 years.

    Meets, Made to VW specification - that is what the oil manufacturer saying on the label and IMO it would be a mistake to use it in your late model Skoda with diesel engine and the DPF especially if there is Penrite Enviro+ 5W30 that will cost you the same money as any other not approved synthetic oil.

    VW 767X
    Synthetic grease for lubricating sliding roof mechanism and guides
    FUCHS Renolit SI 300M
    KLUBER Polylub GLY

    VW TL 521 50
    Synthetic grease used as a mounting aid for brake cylinder bolts
    Renolit LX-PG 2

    VW TL 735-Y
    Special grease with solid lubricant used for the lubrication of spline shaft CV joints to avoid fretting corrosion specially for the T5 Transporter
    Renolit MP 735 AZ

    VW TL745
    Low temperature optimised grease for lubricating door locks, window lifters, seat mechanisms and pedals.
    Renolit FN 745/94

    VW TL 521/41
    Lock de-icer resistant grease for lubricating door locks
    Renolit ST-CM 2

    VW TL 735
    Multipurpose grease used for lubricating wheel bearings.
    Renolit MP 735

    VW TL 735-X
    Special grease for general lubrication of spline shafts of the CV joints to avoid fretting corrosion.
    Renolit MP 735

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    Cleaning & Maintaining the Suede/Alcantara seats

    The Alcantara brochure i have here says to use lukewarm water, and lemon juice for most stains.

    Alcantara have their own cleaners, too. Alcantara®

    Stain Removal:
    Water-soluble stains:
    - Fruit juice, jam, gelatine, syrup, ketchup: lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.
    - Blood, egg, feces, urine: cold water (avoid warm water, which could coagulate these substances); rinse by blotting with clean water.
    - Liquor, wine, beer, Coca-Cola, tea: lukewarm water; treat any traces of colour with lemon juice, then rinse well.
    - Copying pencil, cocoa, chocolate, custard and chocolate sweets, ice cream, mustard: lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.
    - Vinegar, hair gel, tomato sauce, coffee sweetened with sugar: lemon juice, then lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.

    NON-water-soluble stains:
    - Lipstick, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, perfume, shoe polish, oil and grease, grass stains, markers (including permanent markers): blot with ethyl alcohol, then water, and rinse. Grass and marker stains, especially on light-coloured material, must be treated as soon as possible to keep them from drying.
    - Chewing gum and wax: put ice in a plastic bag and set it on the stain; when the substance hardens, chip it away, then treat with ethyl alcohol.

    Stubborn stains:
    Try repeating the treatments described several times; even stains which are not water-soluble often require subsequent treatment with water.

    Ordinary Maintenance:
    Daily cleaning: dust Alcantara® using a soft brush, a dry cloth, or a vacuum cleaner.

    Weekly cleaning: after dusting Alcantara®, clean it with a slightly damp, white cotton cloth; avoid using printed cloth or paper towels which could leave ink marks on the material.

    Annual cleaning: if the covering is removable, clean it in the washing machine, following the procedure described in the page "General washing instructions".

    If the covering is not removable, you can use specific products, or - if they are not on hand - dust it with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with clean water. Wring it out well and clean all Alcantara® material, taking care not to wet the upholstery too deeply; dampen the cloth in clean water, wipe again, and allow to dry well overnight. Rejuvenate the material by brushing it delicately with a soft-bristled brush.

    Link to discussion thread.
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