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Thread: 2015 VRS TDI DPF replacement - OUCH!!!

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    2015 VRS TDI DPF replacement - OUCH!!!

    Car went into limp mode and DPF light on, took into the dealer service centre and they dig their diagnostic and said the DPF is full of soot and needs replacement,

    Good thing I was sitting down when they told me the price, $7,850. and there are no parts in Australia.

    problem started wen the missus was cold at the football and went and sat in the car with the ignition on engine not running and the seat heaters on which flattened the battery.

    Ever since then the car has been doing excessive active regenerations to the point where it constantly thinks it needs to do it.

    Of course I didnt pay the ransom that they wanted and took the car thinking i could remove the DPF myself.

    Anyone done this before? went through and removed all retaining bolts and clamps except the one that clamps the EGR cooler to the DPF outlet. the numpty in the factory must have thought it would be funny to install the clamp with the head of the bolt facing inward towards the engine such that there is no access to it.

    Lessons so far, don't leave the ignition on without the engine running.

    if it turns out the DPF is knackered I will be looking for a wreck with one that could be reconditioned.

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    Don't know if you got any further, but did you program it out?
    Also, you can get them cleaned out rather than replacing. Not cheap, but cheaper than $8k

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