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Thread: 2006 VW Beetle Miami 9C Intake

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    2006 VW Beetle Miami 9C Intake

    Hi, there is a breather on the bottom of my Upper Intake (1.6L BFS 2006 Beetle)

    It was whistling so I took the upper intake off and found that is where is it coming from. The membrane as a tear in it, but also it is a strange part as there is like a pivot arm that the part that the membrane goes on it is connected to. It is broken where is it to pivot.
    The dealer doesn't sell that part, you need the entire intake, and not only that the intake is upgraded so the new 'breather' is on top and so with the upper intake and the new breather it is over $1,000.

    Has anyone else had any luck with fixing this?

    I could get a used upper intake from a salvage yard for about $200-$250 BUT I assume there are often issues with this as mine has low km and has the problem.

    Any suggestions of insights would be appreciated. I can upload some pics if that would assist,

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    Post the pictures. Can't really generate a mind's eye from your description.

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