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Thread: ADY Engine Swap...

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    ADY Engine Swap...

    Hi Guys,
    I've been doing some research into possible engine swaps for my 1977 B1 Coupe, and need advice. There's lots of historical and even current chatter online regarding ABA X-flow motors, but as far as I can figure, they simply didn't land on our fair shores.
    The motor that does pop up very commonly is the ADY...
    At present I've got a pollution 1600, which seems to piss more fuel out of the stuffed hoses and solenoids than runs into the motor. It's junk, and will be going in the bin.
    I've also got a 2N 5 speed gearbox that I plan on transplanting in to replace the 4 speed. Whatever motor I end up with needs to work with this box.
    Any thoughts out there from the brains trust regarding getting this puppy in and running?

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    Hi :
    Just want to know how you have gone with the 5 speed gearbox . if is instaled and happy with it let me know . what is a 2N .from what car /model is it . do you still have the 4 original gearbox ? My Passat is 1974 and have problem with 4th gear coming out and no one can fix it for me .please give some advice . thank you . Amir

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