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Thread: Tensioning Timing Belt causes crank to move. (1999.5 MK4 Golf 1.8L Naturally Aspirate

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    Tensioning Timing Belt causes crank to move. (1999.5 MK4 Golf 1.8L Naturally Aspirate

    Hi All

    My timing belt change was going well until It came to tensioning the belt, I had the belt routed around all the components (Cam, Water Pump, Crank, Idler and Tensioner). I went to tighten the tension to find that tensioning the slack had moved the crank about 4 teeth forward, moving nothing else. What is my best solution to make sure that both the cam and crank stay at TDC while tensioning the belt.?

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    I'm yet to do my timing belt (still waiting on a few parts) but isn't there a retaining pin on the hydraulic tensioner which prevents this?

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    Set the crank before taking off the old belt. Notice the dent in the casting below the toothed crank pulley. When you put the belt on, stick a 10mm socket under it to stop it falling off.
    Put the belt on the waterpump followed by the cam pulley and tensioner.
    If the anything moves while you tension the belt, it sometimes helps to turn the crank anticlockwise half a tooth or so. This usually mitigates the effect of tensioning the belt.
    Remove the socket.
    Then do the 2 complete rotations and check the marks line up still.

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