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Thread: dylan8 mkiv gsw tdi

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    dylan8 mkiv gsw tdi

    So around Feb 2016 I spotted a VW mk4 Wagon TDI up for sale.
    All I had was 5 terrible photos, one phone call. I knew it was not running and condition was questionable.
    Soooo I snapped it up.
    While I knew there was a handful kicking around I never bothered to search for one. I loved my bora, swapping it to TDI was a dream. I had both in one package!

    A bit of hold up with transport meant I sent KI11Z on a rescue mission to pick the car up from a mechanic who wanted it gone from his workshop asap. Thanks, owe you many a beer!

    Car arrived safe and sound. Thanks for some of the local boys we pushed and towed it up my silly driveway and into the garage where I procrastinated what to do with the oil staved engine (came with sump in 4 pieces and a couple of mains caps off)

    I'm unsure on the year, *****roads believe its a 2003, however I have evidence that it was delivered in 2002.
    Search of the Vin indicates a 2002 and a number of features indicate a post 2001.5 car.
    Is a UK import, came to AUS in 2008. I have most of the service history (all though it went downhill shortly after arriving in AUS)

    The original engine was PD100 ATD, something we didn't get in Australia in any car too my knowledge.
    I looked at rebuilding the motor and then importing a PD130/150 however there was too many unknowns.
    I settled for a PD100 AXR, from a 9n polo I believe. Thanks to Water boy and Boris at Volkscare for the hookup.
    Block and head are the same internally, mounts mounts were interchangeable. emissions gear was different but bolt on. few variations with oil filter housings and water pumps were sorted thanks to Darkside and a few trial and error orders at the local dealer.

    New timing belt kit, oil filter, oil filter gasket, air filter, pollen filter, dogbone bushes (thanks to Tim @ dubaddiction), new turbo (GT1749VB), new oil feed lines all round, new throw out bearing, new coolant bottle, dipstick tube and we were on the way. Thanks to thestu for the help getting it together and in! Car came with what I believe was a recently fitted sachs single mass so that was reused.

    When the car arrive both rear doors had seized shut and seem to have been that way for a while. I'd say I spent about 15 hours in total working on them but finally got them free and they are nicely lubed up and working well touch wood.
    The interior was upside down and back to front. The carpet couldnt be seen through all the filth, the headlining is sagging, various trim had been pulled apart, the spare wheel was in the passenger seat. I'm still finding personal possessions and filth from the previous owners (both from UK and AUS)

    bilstein sport struts and new rear strut tops went in already as a roadworthy item.

    Bora vents were fitted, cup holders fitted, sunglass holder in, coming home/auto headlights, stubby aerial, bora window controls (auto up and down front)

    shagged roof racks removed in trade and offloaded for a nice set of Thules getting picked up by anthony--t.
    I picked up a genuine boot cover and dog/luggage net from Japan

    I've since fitted a bigger darkside SMI and piping, along with a Darkside EGR delete/race pipe and 3 bar map sensor.

    Other than to road worthy and Vic-roads visits the cars maiden voyage was straight to the tuners.
    Anthony @ TDIPerformance Australia worked his magic. Fixed a number of issues, modified a handful of things and made some great suggestions while getting a tune on the car to suit the bigger turbo and map sensor. Car now pulls great! Thanks!!
    Super easy to drive daily, minimal soot, hauls up hills all while using next to no fuel! Thanks to Water Boy for driving back and forth to pick it up with me.

    I will be back for further tuning once the suspension, engine mounts and exhaust are sorted. These plus the addition of a bigger intake, MAF and better injectors or nozzles should make a hoot to drive.

    I'm not sure on the economy yet as its taken me this long to get through the first tank.

    Other goodies I have been collected and carried over from the bora to be fitted.
    Hybrid oil pan x2
    Darkside DP
    2.5 stainless exhaust (I believe is a chopped miltek 2.5" system modified for twin dumpies)
    R32 headlights
    Bora Xenon lights and washer system/leveling system
    Bora 4mo valance, oettinger grill and oettinger lip (may bora swap it one day)
    IDF control arms
    IDF drop plates
    Superpro strut top bushes
    Bagyard bombers/bilstein struts
    Accuair E level
    R32 space saver
    R32 brakes all round, gone with 312mm fronts and 280mm solid rears to keep weight down
    Braided lines
    TT spindles
    Custom engine lift blocks
    12v boot point
    Votex front lip
    GLI side skirts
    BBS RC 330 18x8et32 5x100 plus caps and tool to suit. OEM++ option wheels
    late US centre console
    Hella DE golf fog lights
    Arm rest
    25th edition TDI clocks with full height display
    Blue tinted mirrors
    R Leather Gear Knob 5 speed
    Chrome Accent Driverís Window Switch
    Aero Windscreen Wipers
    RNS MFD CD Radio Changer Control (Nav with Maps CD)
    Grom Audio IPD3 Bluetooth
    Dietz Multi Media Interfaceuture
    Grey Recaro front seats
    NOS rear bumper protector
    Ocean tail lights

    plans will be a new interior, sound system, and clean up the body plus some paint.
    Hopefully put the orginal engine back in as a 2 or 2.1lt and a bigger turbo one day along with a 6spd
    And of-course plenty of wheels!!
    Thanks to all those who helped so far and kept it secret!!

    dylan8 mkiv gsw tdi-46427490_1761795803949654_60537340698820608_n-jpg
    dylan8 mkiv gsw tdi-46495699_2191866410846561_8811327795192922112_n-jpg
    dylan8 mkiv gsw tdi-46440374_752007198531656_4711288835462397952_n-jpg
    dylan8 mkiv gsw tdi-46438339_119540325629031_7569039978345267200_n-jpg

    More pics to come
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    Great pick-up and sounds like you and the guys have put in alot of time and effort to get it back on the road. Just need a nice set of mags
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    Good to see it's gone to a good home. Now get those wheels changed!

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    If this is the one that I looked at in Noosaville a couple of years ago, I can attest to the fact that it was a pigsty inside. Good to see it resurrected.
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    Cheers guys!

    Yep it came from around there somewhere. Was it running when you saw it?

    Couple more pics. Hard finding them all as I didn't have a running build thread.

    First wash
    New motor arrived believe this only had 90k km on it at the time.
    Intake manifold from the ATD. was fairly caked up when I got it. Had it acid dipped and it came back looking near new.

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    Attempt number 1 to clean up the back end of the car and trim

    For those who don't know the wags have a cool storage system under the floor. Extra pockets and space perfect for hidding compressors and valve blocks

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    Normal vs blue mirror glass
    Egr delete vs stock egr
    Stock cooler vs darkside
    Bora vents and funk switch
    Stock struts vs the bilsteins from the bora
    Pollen filter, new vs old
    Exhaust ready
    Dp old vs new

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    Good work dyl

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    SOOO good to see some more MK4 action. Nice find Dyl look forward to seeing more mate.

    btw, what does the "Funk" button do?
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    Cheers guys!
    Nothing yet. Will most likely end up being compressor kill switch or offensive air horn or similar. Not sure yet.
    I'll end up with heated seats zo might relocating it to the factor location later

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