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Thread: crankshaft seal

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    crankshaft seal

    Wondering if anyone knows if part numbers 021 103 051A and 021 103 051C are interchangeable? My engine code is BDE and 02M transmission.

    The first link shows:
    021 103 051C VAG
    021 103 051A VAG

    Dimensions are the same for both.

    But second one "C" is "left hand twist" with arrow pointing left

    First one "A" doesn't specify direct of twist.

    The one in my car is "A" and has no arrow.

    This parts diagram for 2003 4 Motion BDE engine also shows "C"


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    I have no knowledge of the Mk4 engine but the suffix on the part no. in my experience indicates a later/modified/improved design.
    If it was mine, I would install the later 'C ' part.
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