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Thread: Bora 4motion suspension compatibility

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    Question Bora 4motion suspension compatibility

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking at improving the handling of my Bora 4mo for mountain runs and twisty roads..
    In terms of parts, a title that says "fits Bora 4motion" is hard to come by, so I was wondering if there are parts for other models that would still bolt straight on? For example, if I buy coilovers or sway bars for a MK4 R32, would that work?
    I'm aware that there are a fair few interchangeable parts between VAG cars but have a very limited understanding
    - If anyone has coilover/sway bar/bracing recommendations please let me know!

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    R32 parts fit. 2WD Bora won't fit at the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sports racer View Post
    R32 parts fit. 2WD Bora won't fit at the back.
    as above, generally mk4 R32 bits are the go.
    I recall some issue with the weight over the rear being slightly different for springs but cant be too different.
    need to look in the UK markets for bora 4mo stuff, US didnt get the 4mo in the sedan.

    Bilstein/H&R/Eibach/KW are ideal for coilovers and sway bars.
    Eurosport and Unibrace were the names that come to mind for a rear brace

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    I'm running MK4 R32 suspension in my Bora 4motion and it's definitely an improvement over the stock Bora stuff. You get about a 10-15mm drop all round and the ride is slightly firmer. Great for daily runs, as for hill climbing I probably wouldn't recommend it.

    If you're looking for coils - Solo-Werks or BC Racing are good for that $900 - $1300 price range.
    If coils aren't your thing I'd look at running Bilstein's B6 if you want to run stock height or Bilstein B8's if you want to run lowering springs such as H&R, Bilstein or Eibach.

    As for the sway bars, this is a common misconception.

    The AU delivered R32's came with 21mm front sway and a 16mm rear sway - This is identical to the AU Bora 4motion.
    The EU Spec R32's came with 23mm front sway and 19mm rear.

    Just go with H&R or Eibach sways, most benefit can be had by upgrading the rear only.

    AND...for hill climbs I would also consider getting a HPA Haldex Controller - Link below.
    TouchMotion AWD Haldex Programmer
    – HPA Motorsports

    This unit allows to change power delivered to the rear wheels.
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