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Thread: AGU - Engine Mount Bracket Ear Broken

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    AGU - Engine Mount Bracket Ear Broken

    Hey Guys,

    Just want to say that i've searched many forums and cant exactly find a guide on how to do this, so i was hoping somewhere here with more expertise can guide me.

    As per the topic, i have just discovered that the engine mount ear that is used to mount the bracket for the engine mount has been cracked. Now apparently this is a pretty common issue amongst 1.8Ts but after search multiple forums i cannot find a step by step guide on how to amend this.

    I will be purchasing the dieselgeek kit soon to fix this because a replacement block doesnt sound like a cost effective method at the moment and apparently the fix will hold the mount in way better than stock anyway.

    Above is the image of the cracked ear, left is what its supposed to look like, right is the threads on the inside.

    Has anyone fitted this kit before to their 1.8T?

    Do i need to take out the engine?

    Links to any guides will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks guys

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    I've dealt with Jim @ DieselGeek. He is the man! Very quick to respond and very informative. Since it's his gear your installing I'd contact him, he does a lot of YouTube installation video's they may be on there.
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