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Thread: VW T5.1 excessive oil use

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    Hi My Engine number is CFC064572 the ERG plate has an A at the end and my twin turbo 132Kw MY12 model. Is that still classed as a CFCA motor?
    Thanks Nick
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    I'm looking at buying a 2010 4Motion Multivan with 250km on the clock. Its had a lot of work done to it over the past two years by VW including most recently the turbos and the DPF. It drives well but I'm concerned that it will probably eventually develop engine issues. I've done a lot of reading of this tread and others and the question I havent seen answered is - Are there any other VW engines that have the same block and or head as the CFCA Transporter engine? From what I can gather the CFCA engine is a bit different from the other Transporter engines in that it not only has twin turbos but it also has the balance shaft(s).
    Also has anyone tried swapping for a single turbo engine from a Transporter or Multivan? What would be involved? I have a good VW mechanic that thinks it should be possible but I'm surprised that no one else is looking at this option

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    I can only speak for myself, but the answer for me would be, don't do it.
    Unless you can do most if not all the mechanical work yourself, I believe you are opening yourself to a world of financial pain and potentially the inconvenience of unreliability.

    Yes they do drive beautifully.
    And what other options are there if you want a AWD van.
    And this thread here about one is fantastic;
    And so it new T5 LWB Motion

    I had been looking to do something similar.
    I already have all the running gear from a 2010 low km single turbo, I really liked the sound of an AWD van and I too have a well regarded VW mechanic.
    Have found a couple of 2010-2012's with failed mechanicals, but his advice to me has consistently been...don't do's too much work...and I would be paying him to do the work.
    He says all the wiring looms need to be replaced and more. I don't know if that's really the case. I couldn't verify it. But it was enough to put me off.

    The UK forums have a lot more info as there are a lot more vehicles.
    However I was not able to find anyone who specifically went from a bi-turbo to single turbo back when I last looked.
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    VW Transporter T5 MY10 Van M 6spd 2.0DT 103kw White. Long wheel base. Standard roof?

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