Help! My new 2007 T5 (2.5TDI) has got form with its auto-trans having a major overhaul in 2018 (valve body, t-converter..). It drives really well and feels perfect when stopped in N. When at a standstill in gear however it feels like it wants to go forward or reverse and you have to hold it stationary with what feels to me like excessive brake pressure. The local VDUB garage advised me that no warnings were flagged by their computer and suggested that it is a torque converter issue- they put me in touch with an auto-trans specialist. I took it to him and we went for a drive. He felt that the trans is fine. He said that engine mounts are clearly broken (did have entire new set in 2019) but doesn't know why it pulls- he did suggest it could be the trans not picking up the brake pedal position (brake lights work fine and fuses are in tact). He has told me to see the original mechanic!

I don't know where to go from here and v reluctant to get another team involved. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.
Cheers, D

Current 186,000. Trans overhaul at 150,000