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Thread: Unleaded in Tank (I'm an idiot)

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    Unleaded in Tank (I'm an idiot)

    So this afternoon I put half a tank of unleaded in my T6 340.

    I then filled it up with diesel before googling and finding out I shouldn't start it or try to drive it.

    It's currently been pushed away from the bowsers and left while I wait for a towing company to open after Christmas.

    What's the best case scenario, just a drain, flush and refill and maybe some filters? Worst case do I really want to know?

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    Damm, it's a good thing it wasn't started.

    The tank will need to be drained, flushed, fuel filters and fresh diesel are cheaper than injectors.

    It may be wise to purge the fuel pump with a clean tank with new diesel, with it being disconnectted to the fuel rail, there shouldn't be any unleaded fuel pass the fuel pump outlet, if it hasn't been started.

    Im sure others that have had this issue with a T6 will post what they have done, we have a few mechanics on here, so they have give 100% good advice.

    touch wood i haven't done this yet on my T6
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    Hi Tony, as long as you did NOT start your motor, all you have to do is drain the tank.

    Make sure you get ALL the fuel out of the tank and that is all you need to do.

    Then fill the tank and only then can you start your motor.

    You do not need to flush and wash the tank as the amount of petrol left will be so small, it will have no effect.

    I did the same thing in my Landy, but I did not notice my error.

    My wife did and again, as I had not started the motor, I spent the next hour draining the tank.

    Once empty, I filled up with diesel and had no problems.

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    Yep as above, just flush out what you can and it will be fine. A bit of petrol left in the bottom of the tank with a whole tank of diesel will do nothing at all given the dilution factor, probably clean out the injector nozzles nicely! You already have a 50/50 mix, so the dilution is going to be even greater than if it was a whole tank of petrol ( as usually happens ).

    For the record my brother topped his mechanic apprenticeship back in the day, and is quite the mechanical guru, and he's done this, so don't feel so bad.
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