Sorry not been on here lately.

Personally no way I'd cut corners with anything but a name brand turbo from Darkside. It's a PITA to put in and I wouldn't want to be going back due to a cheapy turbo flogging out early. Buy the cheaper Mellet option as previously mentioned over an eBay one. Heck get a quote on a rebuild of your Garrett turbo here in Aus!

That manifold needs a new stud and nut, gonna have to get the old bit out however, which is a fun job! Perhaps a reverse drill or ezy out, but I had no luck trying that and went the MIG weld route, was a fun afternoon!

No idea on the door fix causing other electrical gremlins, find someone who can scan the car with Vag Com?? Other option is to disconnect the battery overnight and try to reset the errors and put the car back into learning mode??

Bloody nightmare when these things play up, I can see why the 2.5 was swiftly dropped from the VAG lineup......