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Thread: Springs for Multivan

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    Springs for Multivan

    Looking to drop my T5 Multivan about 30mm and always used Eibach springs for my previous VW's. Being new to Australia and used to the European prices for parts it still breaks me out in a cold sweat every time I go to search up on something and see some of the prices! Still nice not to see my pride and joy covered in salt and mud half the year and I can't believe how clean cars remain underneath out here, its great! So looking for any advice on good suppliers in the Sydney area preferably who know their way around veedubs. Thanks

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    If you have time to wait just order from the stores you have ordered from before and have it shipped.

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    I agree with Husky import a set from the UK like I did , nice set of adjustable Bilsteins Coil overs in our T5.1 still going strong nearly 8 years since fitting and we pack the van with tons of camping gear loaded with the trailer on the back with several MX bikes . I only get the very occasional bottom out bump stop hit in the front if hitting a big pothole at 100 kays somewhere and its about 50mm below stock .

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    Thanks for the replies. Might have a look at importing as you say.

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