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Thread: Oil Catch Can

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    Oil Catch Can

    Anyone know of someone that sells the provent 200 with a multivan specific mounting kit? Or am I going to have to fashion my own?

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    Western Air filters I think do a kit. If you call them they can do specific measurements as well.

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    I had to make my own bracket and buy the necessary fittings etc as i could not find anyone who make a kit for my Audi SQ5 (crazy despite how popular these cars are). Due to space constraints i could not fit a Provent (they are quite large) so went with a Flashlube Catch Can Pro which is smaller overall in size. Catch Can Pro - Genuine Flashlube™

    Cheapest place I could find it: Flashlube Catch Can Pro - FCC | Supercheap Auto

    You may have to do the same with the Multivan. Most of the "kits" available are only for the ute market - they do not seem to cater for vans/SUV's etc.
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    I just fitted a Ryco Universal Catch Can kit. It comes with a bracket which I slightly modified to mount out of the way behind the fuel filter. I fitted it up with some clear braided hose from Supercheap but when I had it tuned the mechanic replaced the hoses with black hose and fittings to the catch can that didn’t reduce the internal diameter of the hose as restricting the venting of the crank case can cause the rear main seal to blow.

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