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Thread: Experiences in Fitting a Rear Seat to Transporter

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    Experiences in Fitting a Rear Seat to Transporter

    Hi all,

    Looking to fit a rear seat to my transporter LWB 4mo.

    Realize the need to specify seats for the transporter/kombi for engineering and blue slip requirements.

    Has anyone had experience in this - if so, where did you buy the seats from, and did you do it yourself?


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    Whilst it is a job you can do yourself there are some very strict guidelines that need to be followed , I used to hold a Qld Transport office Approval Certificate for lots of different modifications ie seat installation seat belts child restraints back 22 years ago . Along with seat installs my business was one of the first to build a side folding seat with seatbelts attached in maxi Taxis , we had our own test facility and trust me we destroyed a lot of seats during our testing to ensure they met the criteria . Ok this place in Qld do lots of different seats as we used to buy some of their products ourselves {saved a lot of testing time as they had already done it on their seats } Van Seats For Sale - Rear Seats & Mini Van Seating Conversions |
    Techsafe Automotive & Transport Seating Solutions
    This one is in NSW Van & Wagon Seats and another Van Seating . You need to engage a local engineer or someone who does the approvals for RTA for the legal approval . It would take too long to explain all the details and standards may have changed since I got out of that industry .

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