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    DSG Question

    My friend has a 2010 T5.1 Transporter with DSG , it had its DSG serviced at 60000 kays . Now at 130000 km it has developed an unusual fault so to speak , when slowing down for a roundabout or intersection he tells me it momentarily it seems to lose power and then suddenly it takes off again with a discernable thump from the auto . Question for those in the know obviously it is due for another DSG service but he is not sure if when it was done some years back whether the filter was changed , I told him it should be done regardless because of the problem we had with our old Tiptronic Auto when they did not change the filter . Any suggestion would be helpful before it turns terminal .

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    Going from 3rd to 2nd?
    Could be an issue with the K2 main clutch solenoid N216 maybe. Any other symptoms or any faults logged?
    First port of call would be to replace the fluid and filter, run basic settings, and allow dynamic calibration to complete then reassess.
    It's a DQ500 so they don't often have a lot of issues but not unheard of.
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    Next question is did it have its 120,000k oil and filter change? at 130,000 it,s 10k overdue maybe the cause of the issues
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kachingg View Post
    Next question is did it have its 120,000k oil and filter change? at 130,000 it,s 10k overdue maybe the cause of the issues
    From the OP post, I don’t think it had.
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