I went to do my weekend shopping today, and when I returned to my Caddy Maxi Life, I could not get the key fob to disable the alarm and let me in!

The battery in the key fob was good and I was getting a flash of the little LED in the fob, but it refused to let me back in.

Things were beginning to get a bit desperate because my other fob was at home, and any help from the owner's manual was not able to be read because it was inside the locked car and I was locked outside.

I thought I might try the key, but was afraid it might trigger the alarm and that could be a bit embarrassing.

After a little contemplation I thought I'd give the key a try, so I inserted it and when I turned it forward (clockwise) there was no change in behaviour if the flashing LED on the door, and I did not hear any click of the solenoids releasing the door locks. So I tried rotating the key counter-clockwise. This time, the flashing LED on the door came on and stayed on, so with the key still in the lock, I pressed the unlock button on the key fob and this released the locks and disabled the alarm.

Since then, I have used the locking and unlocking a number of times without any issue.

The fob battery was replaced around a year ago, so should be more than OK seeing as the original was working for around 7 years.

Have I stumbled on a way of getting in or is this just a fluke? I have had a brief look through the manual, but cannot find this as a fix.

Any ideas?