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Thread: Caddy 2014 starting issue

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    Caddy 2014 starting issue

    I have a caddy maxi life 2014 model with a 19 desiel engine.
    It has a starting issue where it turns over fires up but instantly stalls. To try to start again you have reset key and start starting process again . If it keeps running after start up there is no issues with engine operation acceleration or power. Some times it start 1st other times it can take up of 5 attempts before it starts.
    At what voltage does the the ecu shut off as i am wondering if I have a voltage drop issue or failing battery. I have had the battery tested and they said it was OK.
    When I hooked up my Ros Tech VCDS the voltage drop at terminal 30 can drop below 10 volts when starting.

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    I have a later model engine totally unrelated to the generation you have. I'd suggest checking for engine codes and if that fails asking the UK based - Main Page has quite a large database of information but you have to ask for permission to post and be advised they are very strict on forum rules so read carefully before joining.

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