Hi all
After my newbie post this will be my first post on the forum.
I used to be on the AusAmarok forum but that disappeared
My 2014 Amarok with CSHA engine 183000kms has a faulty thermostat which has luckily jammed open.
I noticed it was not heating up as quick as it used to and going downhill the temp gauge would drop then climb back to 90 underload.
I have purchased a thermostat and the o-ring for the plastic pipe thats should be replaced so am ready to do the job.
I have a decent jack and axle stands and far too many tools.
The only other problem I have in the 5 years I have owned it was the EGR cooler blocked so I removed it and cleaned it.
There is little info out there about replacing the t-stat and all I can find is people complaining about how long it takes and how much you have to do. Whatever it needs to be done.
Does anyone have any info they can share about how to best do this job, I do know it will take at least 4 hours and I need to remove half the accessories on the left side of the engine.
Thanks Adrian