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Thread: 2021 4Cyl Tubro DPF Interval

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    2021 4Cyl Tubro DPF Interval

    Hi All,

    Apologies as this forum is probably littered with DPF posts.
    But as a relatively new owner and learning about the turbo diesel is quite eye opening.

    Okay so I have a 2021 TDI420 Core 4cyl bi-turbo with 42,000 kms on the clock.
    It has had 2 services thus far with another due in March.
    No problems or issues thus far whatsoever, delight to drive.

    I have added a VGATE ODBII device which transmits wirelessly to car scanner pro running on an android tablet.

    I did this because I had read about ATF temperatures getting high and as I intend to tow a caravan with the vehicle, it would be worth establishing whether there was anything to be concerned with.

    On an unladen non towing road trip of 2.5 hrs in November the ATF temp peaked at 129 degrees which I would have thought was too high. VW Service says no that is considered acceptable.
    But if its that high without a trailer I dread to thnk what it could reach when towing 2800kgs as well.
    So I fitted an auxiliary ATF transmission cooler and now see only temperatures in the high 80/low 90 range on extended drives.

    The other thing I wanted to monitor was DPF regenerations etc, mainly due to the number of people claiming DPF issues.
    I would say though that most seem to be from people with pre 2020 models or earlier 2011-2015 types.

    I have observed on 4 occasions now the regen process take place each time the % got to 98-104 per cent before intiiating and only ever dropping back to around 20% before resetting the intervals and starting to accumulate again.

    My question and its mainly for the 4 cylinder guys, how often is your regen happening if your tracking it ? At this stage I don't do heavy miles on freeways but do give it some stick at times.

    The last 3 DPF regen's have happened though at approximatelly 100km since the last !!!!

    From the comment on facebook the V6 guys seem to indicate theirs occurs at around 360+ kms.

    So the question is why such a low period between burns.

    Soot reading is around 6.9 % so its not overfull.
    Plenty of oil in the beast per last service its doesn't smoke much at all that I have observed.

    So is 100kms a normal interval for a semi-suburban vehicle that doesnt get excercised every day ?


    PS Would love to add that the DPF and EGR seem to be the flakiest piece of the whole design and if it weren't for warranty concerns would probably have fallen off going down a country road at some point.

    PPS I know its not a TUBRO
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