Hi All,

I’ve owned my MK1 Cabriolet since I came to Australia about 15 years ago. She’s served me well as our second car that whole time. However the paint is failing and a few rust spots need to be cut out and fixed.... so the time has finally come to go all out on a complete respray in our company colours. One of our concepts below.

However i need to try and find either a new or good condition Klipper kit, or the older style bumpers to replace the the current ones.

My preference is to go old school with the older style bumpers, images for reference below. However I have no idea where I can get these in Australia?

So the easier option would be to reuse the majority of the existing Klipper kit but I need new wheel arches for sure. Imaged of the car below:

Any advice welcome!

Thanks in advance. Ed

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