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Thread: Polo GTI 6R - MY13.5 - Cyl 1 - No compression after 160K kms - Adelaide

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    Polo GTI 6R - MY13.5 - Cyl 1 - No compression after 160K kms - Adelaide

    Hi Guys

    my polo died a few days ago and it looks like cyl 1 has crapped itself.

    Any advice on a place or someone I can take it to for repair?

    I'm also going to take it to the dealer and ask for a goodwill claim, they have been pretty good in the past so it can't hurt to ask.

    one place quoted more than the car is worth.

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    1.4L engine is an interesting, but fragile beast. Unless you can source a second-hand engine for a reasonable price, then I'd say the vehicle is destined for end-of-life.

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    I agree with the above comment. Rebuilding the engine will cost you probably very close to what the entire car is worth. Your best bet would be to find a wrecker with an identical Polo GTI, hope that the engine in that car still has some life left in it, have your mechanic install the new engine and then either sell the car or keep driving it until it blows again.

    Honestly im both shocked and surprised that you managed to make the original engine last for 7 years and 160,000km.
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