Dear fellow 6r owners,

last week i ordered new Brembo pads for my 6R.

Brake pad Brembo P 85 121

Pad with pins at edges : 25681
pad with pins at center : 25682

on opening the package i saw that all 4 Pads have the code 25681 were as the pdf above shows the pads as having 2 different numbers for the pads.

IMG-20240118-133313-1 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

So is this an error on behalf of my supplier and should i ask to replace the Pad with pins at center ? Or is it OK to install the pads with pins in center 25681 and in that case why does the Brembo Pdf show pads pins in center 25682 ?

Thank you.

Pic attached for reference.