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Thread: Please help****

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    Please help****

    Hello Guys,

    Yesterday my apartment flooded and my car is now flood damaged. Car can start and run but the transmission is jammed.
    I have a new car coming soon anyway and would like to do something abuot the car (unfortunately not insured)

    I hear you can sell your car to people who buy cars for parts - any recommendations around QLD (esp. Gold coast)?

    Also, I would like to lock my car, but the key is stuck in the ignition - it turns and everything but will not be pulled out. Anyone know how to fix this?

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    Have you got any photos of the damage and water levels?

    I don't know how these things work, but not having it insured means it probably won't be written off? This means it could be re-registered once it's fixed. Of course, it also depends on just how damaged it really is. How high did the water get? Fresh or salt? Debris or clean?

    On the other hand, being upfront and telling people, the water got this high and this is the issue(s) and selling it for parts is probably the most honest way to approach it. Of course I suspect the market is about to have more than a few of vehicles with that problem

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    Kms, year and model of the Polo (including DSG or manual details) will help too.

    As a rule of thumb, buyers pay about 25-35% of the value of a car for a repairable write-off and about 10-20% for a statutory write-off in QLD from what I can see. ( I have bought 4 over the last few years, including 1 car in December last year).

    The damage and the above details will determine what you can get. Like Hawk said, photos will help.
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