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Thread: 6R polo headlight bulbs and upgrade options

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    6R polo headlight bulbs and upgrade options

    Hi guys, Iíve got a pink slip coming up and one of my headlights is out.

    i have a 6r 77tsi comfortline.

    i blow bulbs fairly often in this car, at least more than any other car Iíve owned. Mechanic was unable to find any electrical problem but suggested because it has stiff suspension, the extra jarring can cause lightbulbs to die quicker.

    i tried to research upgrades and asked my mechanic but they sort of left it to me and put some really crap bulbs in last time, I swear they only light up 3 or 4 meters in front of the car.

    I thought if I used leds or some other upgrade it might get me around the bulb blowing problems, but can someone suggest a bulb upgrade, and whether I can have less installed somewhere in Wollongong/Sydney/south coast of nsw?

    woild a polo gti headlight set be a smart upgrade? If I install halogens are they h7?

    thanks in advance

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    Nightbreakers or similar Led's would be illegal as would Xenon in those housings.

    Never found them that bad in our one
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    6R polo headlight bulbs and upgrade options

    A good quality Osram or Phillips bulb in a whiter colour (4300k or 5000k) would be a nice upgrade and wont break the bank (under $100).

    The higher the kelvin number (eg 5000k) the whiter the light output of the bulbs. Original bulbs are about 2800-3000k, so even the 4300k ones will be noticeably whiter and it just makes visibility at night better.

    Assuming they are H7Ö

    OSRAM H7 Cool Blue Advance 5000K White Halogen Bulbs

    Philips H7 Crystal Vision 4300K White Halogen Bulbs

    Philips H7 Diamond Vision 5000K White Halogen Bulbs
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