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Thread: 2015 polo gti window issue

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    2015 polo gti window issue

    Have a 2015 polo gti, one day my wife reported that the windows had a mind of their own, going up and down by them self, I checked it out and all windows would randomly go up and down either individually, in pairs or all 4..
    It was a wet week so I thought water has got in something, I removed the door car and disconnected switch, didnít play up for a hour or two then while driving (in the rain) all windows dropped.

    Now after reconnecting drivers door window switch no windows will operate from this switch but will operate from their respective door switches. Windows also go down including driver window when holding lock/unlock via the remote.

    I took it to VW dealer and explained what I had happened and got told it was all tested back to the switch, I didnít think it was that due to issue still happening when it was disconnected but I took the advice and fit a new switch, still no operation from driver door switch.

    Has anyone seen a issue like this or have ideas?
    I have visually checked wiring in door and connection to the body and all "seem" ok.

    Thank you

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    Could possibly be your battery on its last legs. Modern cars are heavily reliant on their electronics and when the battery is playing up they do all sorts of weird electrical things like what you are explaining.

    I would get your battery health checked at your mechanic or a battery place first.
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