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Thread: Transmission Oil Leak

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    thanks Sam, I appreciate the extra detail. I did a search and read about the 17mm hex - I'll make something or do the nut and bolt trick or use a mini wheel nut (double the thickness of a normal nut), no point buying a big ass hex bit when I'll hardly use it.

    I do wonder what's in the box now though, maybe it is something good because it takes a lot of abuse with out any synchro crunches. Maybe I'm just good at sympathetic gearchanges after living with 50+ year old gearbox designs for all of my driving life.

    but... oil argument alert! google says that Redline MTL is 75W80, and Gav says 75W90 - uh oh...

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    G 070 726 A2 is the VW part number.
    Top Tec MTF 5100 75W is going in my box tomorrow. This says its for 7 speed dry clutch DSGs but that is just the gear side of the box, not the mechtronics! $16 a litre at trade

    High Performance Gear Oil (GL4+) SAE 75W-90 This come up with th eproduct finder. $23 a litre at trade

    I'm going to test out the cheaper stuff, in a gearbox I just fitted at the weekend. It has half the KMs of the car. If I get any crunching I'll go to the more expensive gear.
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    hang on. just checked my spare MTL container and its 70W80. Nulon smooth shift synthetic which is going in when the KAAZ LSD box goes in is 75W85W.

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