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Thread: Sams Polo 3.0

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    Thanks Gav. It'll be fine. Just wanted to make sure it didnt need any mods before I painted it (tomorrows day job).

    So USA prices on ARP's for the head are:

    - stud kit (no tool) # 204-4103 = US$206 (Summit) $277 aus

    - bolt kit " " # 204-3901 = US$129 (Summit) $173 aus

    it does seem that even if I go with the more expensive studs, that it'll come in much cheaper than supertech exhaust valves. My OE head bolts are Elring brand. Maybe if they were dealer OEM I'd feel better about them but not sure if Elring is putting stuff out thats genuine level goodness. They should be but I'm not sure. At least the ARP bolts seem very price reasonable.

    Thoughts people - are ARP studs justifiably 100 bucks better than ARP bolts? Both are ARP2000, 40% stronger, with same psi ratings.

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    Nothing wrong with elring. Used plenty in my time. Wouldn't lose sleep thinking about quality, they've been around ages.

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