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Thread: Sams Polo 3.0

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    It's the same as the old argument "don't wear seat belts you might have an accident and go in the water and then can't get out". There are always examples of rare accidents where a particular safety device isn't a good idea. But in the vast majority of cases a good race quality seat and seat belt will save you from injury or death. The bonus is they will facilitate faster lap times, because you can better feel the movements of the car when you aren't trying to hold yourself up.

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    you can see in this pic the roof would have to come a long way down to get me. I must say there were a few times turning it through the right hand bend before the braking zone for the kink where I thought if I come off here I am REALLY moving. Problem is the car has to be off the road completely before I can cage it, even if as a registered engineered 2 seater with a 4 point in it, because its of no use to me unless I can take the kids with me. Then that begs the question, if I'm to have a caged 2 seater or a dedicated track car with full 6 point cage then wouldnt I just get a more appropriate car like a 350Z, RX8, MX5, MR2 etc.

    Other things on the menu at the moment anyway. Need to work out why the car has such **** brakes. I'm thinking master cyl swap for a 23.8mm (up from 20mm). Failing that I think it can only be a dud ABS module with some of the valves stuck open - but all 3 of my Polo's have been exactly the same so I'm not convinced of that. Also have my clutch engaging straight off the floor. Probably the slave just needs a bleed but I do Have a spare clutch master-slave hose, well 2 others to be precise, and this one has a bit of corrosion on it so I'll probably just swap the lot in......if I can get my hands in there??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambb View Post
    what the hell! this saturday! or last week? Didnt even realise anything was on. Definitely would have gotten myself entered if I had.
    I'm going to Wakefield on Friday though so its not all bad if I miss it this year.
    Was on the Saturday. Was very very poorly promoted by Club Veedub

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