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Thread: My nugget + mods done

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    My nugget + mods done

    I will update as I go on and replace stuff but so far in the past 3 months the bellow has been done.. This is my fun daily nick named the nugget by my son.. he loves this car more than my audi S3 lol

    I bought it all stock besides the last owner got a stage1 from UGP.
    The first week of owning it I got 15% tints done then A full service including the gearbox then the rocker cover gasket leak was fixed. Then upgraded the TIP and air filter then decat down pipe custom.. it was originally for a mk4 gti the local exhaust shop cut and welded the top section to fit for just $50 👍

    Then got a side mount intercooler and cut some plastics out of the fog light cover for more air and a few silcone hoses to fit the polo originally the side mount intercooler was for a mk4 gti..

    Then done the audi tt in guard side vent mod and installed the arm rest and new gear boot cover.
    Then rear wiper delete.
    Then air control dials on dash replaced.
    Boost gauge in vent.
    Boost on board sticker for fun lol I do it to all my turbo cars.
    Weather shield with gti stickers on it.
    That stupid satellite antenna had to go for a short one.
    Short shifter set to shortest throw back..
    N249 delete.
    Ecu changed over to stage 2 with pops & bangs, 2 step at 3500rpm. No lift shift and full deletes.

    Next mod..
    Sort all boost leaks. Ford ba xr8 bonnet bump scoop with vent.
    Reverse cam.
    Roof racks or Towbar.
    Intercooler fan to be installed with switch.
    Engine rods and bigger turbo next year.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My nugget + mods done-20200213_180946-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181352-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181405-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181411-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181418-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181450-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181500-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181508-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181520-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181526-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181552-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181557-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181640-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181652-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181707-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181718-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181731-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181740-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181744-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181800-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181817-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181831-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181900-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181914-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-181932-jpg  

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-182154-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-182147-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-182128-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-182044-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-182159-jpg   My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-190704-jpg  

    My nugget + mods done-screenshot_20200212-190829-jpg  

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