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Thread: Recommended service shop for Mk5 Jetta Diesel near Ryde Sydney?

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    Recommended service shop for Mk5 Jetta Diesel near Ryde Sydney?


    Recommendations for place for regular servicing with a view to longevity of vehicle please?

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    A1 Autohaus are in Ryde and do a lot of VW's and Euro cars in general. Might be worth calling past to see them.

    A1 Autohaus - Home | Facebook

    I must admit, if you have the skills - just do the basic servicing yourself. I just saw your introduction post saying the car has 345,000kms on it. Regular oil changes with a good quality 5w-30 or 5w-40 oil that meets the VW502/505 or VW504/507 specification is the key. If you pay mechanics to service a car of this age/value, you will soon spend what the car is worth in servicing. If it was me, I would do basic servicing myself (keep receipts in chronological order) and only take the car to a mechanic if its something your cant physically do or diagnose yourself.

    Buy the oil when its on sale at Supercheap/Repco etc and get oil/air/fuel filters from RunAutoParts.
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