Looking for Auto Electrician recommendations in Adelaide to repair intermittent dash light and associated faults (airbag, ABS) in a Mk4 Golf. Example as follows:

Address 17: Instruments Labels: 1J0-920-xx5-17.lbl
Part No: 1J0 920 826 A
Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. RB8 V21
Coding: 03702
Shop #: WSC 30024
VCID: 275C7ECEC5DCF277F8-515F
WVWZZZ1JZ3W090962 VWZ6Z0B0116503

4 Faults Found:
01314 - Engine Control Module
49-10 - No Communications - Intermittent
01315 - Transmission Control Module
49-00 - No Communications
01316 - ABS Control Module
49-00 - No Communications
01321 - Control Module for Airbags (J234)
49-00 - No Communications

If I clear codes then sometimes the airbag or ABS light faults don't return for days, weeks or even months. Code scans even minutes apart produce different errors. The car runs fine, so the obvious issue is whether there are truly faults with these controllers, the instrument cluster is throwing random faults, or perhaps there is some dodgy wiring.

I've gone to a couple of reputable VW independent repairers in Adelaide who either are not specialists in this area or want to spend lots of hours trying to diagnose the faults.

The reverse lights also don't work and the usual suspects like globes, fuses, etc have been ruled out.

I've rung a couple of Auto Electricians who have not given me any confidence that they have the expertise to isolate the problems.

Any recommendations welcome.