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    Bayford Volkswagen Epping

    Hi All,

    I am Sam and I'm a Commercial Vehicle specialist at Bayford Volkswagen in Epping.

    We have just opened the doors to our brand new premises at 350 Cooper St, Epping, however we have long ties to the Volkswagen brand, owning Camberwell Volkswagen since 1999 and our Commercial business is nearly two years old now. In its first full calendar year of operation, the Commercial business won the National Dealer of the Year award from VGA, something we're really proud of.

    I've personally been involved with the Ford side of our business before making the transition to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles late last year and I must say so far, it's hard to look back. It's always a pleasure to do my job when the product I work with is as good as the product Volkswagen is producing at the moment. Then there's Amarok just around the corner.....

    I'm not going to sell the dealership too much here, I'm here to be part of the Volkswagen community because at the end of the day I'm just as much of a car nut than a lot of you guys. My first love is a Nissan Skyline GT-R which I regularly take to the track but my girlfriend has a 1954 Oval Beetle that we are about to embark on restoring so it's fair to say that I am a bit of a Vee-Dubber at heart. But if you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM or shoot me a phone call, I've always got time to answer questions or help out with anything you may need.

    I'll pop the odd special up in the dealers section of the forums as well, we often pick up the excess stock that Volkswagen has lying around. I think we have a couple of pre-facelift T5 SWB Caravelles coming up that VGA had left over that will be going cheap, watch this space.

    Cheers to all, look forward to meeting many of you as time goes on.

    - Sam.
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