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Thread: Turbo coolant return hose/pipe

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    Turbo coolant return hose/pipe

    my uni-student son recently bought a Mk6 GTI as his first car (mine was a 1969 Mini) and is beginning to appreciate the joys of ownership. A few weeks into the journey, the Turbo coolant return hose/pipe has failed at the crimp where rubber meets aluminium. The hose is backing out of the crimp.
    So I need to replace the hose as the car has dumped all it's coolant in a big green puddle and is not mobile.
    1. How do I best get access to this? It has a mounting bolt half-way along the pipe section and a banjo fitting where it bolts up to the turbo. Can I get it from the engine bay or do I need to get underneath?
    2. Who is the go-to for parts such as this? I was toying with taking it to a hose doctor for repair if that is more economical.
    3. Are there any surprises or things I need to be aware of?

    Afterthought: Could I carefully cut the aluminium crimp off the pipe (leaving the pipe the original length) with a Dremel and just re-attach the hose with a hose clamp?

    Many thanks for any advice you can offer,
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    Update, $7,500.00 later the car is back on the road...

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    Wow, what happened in the end?
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