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Thread: The Official VWW VCDS Tweak Library

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamD View Post
    Yep, Leaving Home works automatically. For the Mk6, Coming Home was changed to be manually activated.
    weird, my MK6 tdi coming home lights come on automatically no need to flash the highbeams
    (they only work automatically when its dark tho mind, if its light out you need to flick the highbeams)
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    I don't get the bit 2 "Rain Closing Active " in my S3 Audi 2010 .
    I can do everything else but cant get that command.
    Cant get rain closing to work.

    Any clues how to manually enter the code or is my controller different? (9

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    Cabriolet: Auto closing windows AND roof

    Can anybody point me to somewhere that shows how to recode modules (using VCDS) to not only close the windows but at the same time the fabric roof when it rains while car's parked?
    Thanks in hope!

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    Can anyone help me figure out how to get power hack to my seats? I disabled the recline and heat somehow in my 12 mk6 gti.

    which module, bit and byte should i be looking in?

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    back to my seats *

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    hey all, i have spent hours combing through all the tweaks though one i simply cant find is how to leave the USB port power on for longer on my MK7 Golf? Currently it provides power only when ignition is on and turns off after about 5 minutes once the ignition is off. id love to leave it on longer or permanently. Anyone ever worked out if its possible? Thanks!
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    Question Q : Tweak the coming/leaving home function... ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan_R View Post
    The purpose of this thread is to gather all of the known tweaks
    and features available to the VW Golf-6 via the use of the VCDS diagnostic system.
    Hello !

    My car has the coming/leaving home function already installed and activated from the factory.
    The problem is that it is the Xenon low beam that lights up.
    (The fog light does not come on.)

    Is it possible to code with VCDS and change/switch function so that it is only the fog lights that are lit instead of the low beam ?
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