Hi, I recently purchased a 2011 MK6 Golf 90TSI Trendline as a second car. I was well aware of the issues around the 118TSI as well as the DSG, so I opted for a six speed manual. The car has a history with the previous owner, that involved it burning an exhaust valve at 105K, which resulted in a new cylinder head, all new valves, associated springs, seals gaskets etc. They also replaced the timing chain and tensioner. Total cost using all genuine parts at a VW dealer was just under $5K.( all invoices and previous good service history held) I was made aware prior to purchase, but considered that the problems are behind it. It now has 109K on the clock which is low for a 10 year old vehicle.

I am having the four scuffed alloys refurbished for $600, and retrofitting a rear view camera which will use the screen on the aftermarket Sony head unit for $329. BTW the Sony head unit allows for Apple Car Play, so that's a bonus for me. The paint is Candy White in real good nick, tyres are new Federals which I wouldn't have bought, but they seem OK. The sixth gear is a bonus as our previous runabout Mazda only ran to five gears and was a buzzbox at 3,000RPM at 100K. This one sits at a whisker over 2,000RPM.

The 1.4 performs well, and is all I need. This is the 27th car in my life having owned Audis, Toyotas, Holdens,Fords, Mazdas and Hondas, as well as three air cooled Beetles and a Polo. Thanks for reading . Cheers - John