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Thread: GTI 280km needs rear main replaced - what else do I replace?

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    GTI 280km needs rear main replaced - what else do I replace?

    Hey VW guru's its been years since I was in here. I've got a GTI I bought new in 2010 and dailyed for years. It has 280K+ km on it and was still going strong. I parked it at the back of the shed under a dust cover a few years ago after it failed rego on a rear main leak and a few other minor things.

    Just decided to get it back on the road.

    Its a dead stock manual and I figure if I'm pulling the box out, its worth replacing the clutch.

    I've forgotten everything I knew about Golfs (which was never much to begin with). After advice on what else I should replace, who to get bits from etc etc.

    I'm ok to do the work, just need advice on good bits and any Golf/VW specific tech advice.

    Its a very clean car which was always awesome to drive, so happy to throw a few $s at it to get it back on the road.

    Help please?
    Its here!

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    You did well to last 280,000kms on the original rear main seal - I had to replace mine at approx 80,000km on my manual Mk6 GTI.

    In addition to replacing the clutch which you have the gearbox off, its probably a good idea to replace the PCV valve on top of the cam cover, as a faulty PCV can cause the rear main to blow out. (PCV) Oil Separator - Volkswagen Golf MK6 GTI - CCZB - Genuine– VAGPARTS Australia

    You probably also want to check the waterpump for leaks.

    As for where to get parts from, id recommend VAGParts in Sydney and/or RunAutoParts in Melbourne. VAGParts sells genuine VW parts, whereas Run Auto Parts sells high quality OEM brands like Mann/Bosch/Topran etc

    As for the rear main seal, you can obviously just replace it with another genuine VW item, or iAbed and 034 Motorsports sell an upgraded design which is said to be more duarable.

    iABED Billet Aluminum Rear Main Seal Upgrade '-' Pre'-'2013 VW, Audi, Skoda | AutoInstruct

    034 Motorsport - Billet Aluminium Rear Main Seal - 2.0 TSI(EA888/EA888.3)– VAGPARTS Australia
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    TBH I wouldn't go mad with expensive parts. There's nothing wrong with a new rear seal. I would do the clutch though

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