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Thread: Coolant expansion tank replacement? Anything I should know before proceeding?

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    Coolant expansion tank replacement? Anything I should know before proceeding?

    Hi everyone,

    My sister in law asked me to help her replace the coolant expansion tank that is leaking. It looks like this, it seems to be a common issue on those expansion tanks where the coolant evaporates through the joint.

    Watching a youtube video it looks pretty straightforward:

    - Remove upper hose
    - Disconnect sensor
    - remove 2x T25 holding down the expansion tank
    - Unbolt the washer fluid filler to get it out of the way
    - Take the expansion tank out and disconnect the lower hose

    Now my main concern is about coolant, how to avoid coolant spilling when I disconnect the lower hose?
    I was thinking to extract as much coolant as possible with a fluid extractor pump before starting the job?
    The video I watched, the guy just put his thumb over the hose and reconnected the hose to the new expansion tank without spilling coolant.
    Unsure if that's how most people do? (I'd have to buy a new fluid extractor as the one I have I used it with brake fluid and don't want to contaminate coolant)

    Seems easy job but since I've never replaced a coolant expansion tank I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    Any insights you may have would be appreciated


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    So, after having the lid off to remove the pressure, put it back on.

    On your last step, turn the tank over and with your finger, block the upper hose connection; take the whole tank out upside down. Then put your old coolant in a bottle.
    I would suggest topping it up with fresh G12, as the coolant in the tank gets a lot of debris.

    Then drop off the old coolant and anywhere that recycles it, think supercheap and other places take it now.
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    Thanks MIG for the reply.
    Ok seems like blocking the hose with your finger is the way to go.
    Thanks for confirming and good advice re disposing old coolant that was in the the tank. I'll fill up with fresh G12 when I put everything back together.

    Thanks for the help, appreciated

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    Job done, it was pretty easy and I didn't make a mess. I thought coolant would be gushing out of the hose as soon your disconnect it from the tank but not really.
    Thanks MIG for the help.


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