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Thread: Clutch is slipping!

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    Ok, ancient thread update, but I finally had the SACHS SRE kit fitted last week!

    I bought this kit in a group buy in 2014. I was dragging my feet about getting this done, living with the slipping in 3rd under hard acceleration, but last month, my hand was dealt when the clutch pedal went to the floor and I had to push the car off the road (managed to reverse out my driveway and into the middle of the street, then couldn't get any clutch dis-engage to get into gear to drive off)... and noticed a small puddle of fluid on the garage floor, and saw the dripping of clutch/brake fluid from the bell housing. A couple of pumps of the pedal and I had some kind of clutch for the past month (a lot of air in the system) so the leak wasn't a total dump of fluid, but enough that I needed to organise to get the box out ASAP to of course replace the slave, and have the SACHS SRE kit finally fitted.

    It was fitted last week by Adam at A1 Autohaus in Ryde, they replaced the slave with a metal slave also (I should have ordered the full Sachs flywheel, SRE, slave back in 2014!). Pressure plate still had machining grooves (like a vinyl record) in it, similarly the flywheel, and the clutch plate had maybe 50% meat still on it, but a few worn spots/hot spots on both flywheel and pressure plate, just more torque than it was designed for really. Adam suggested going the NPC kit, I read a lot of good things about it, but I also read about chattering idle, chattering deceleration, shuddering on acceleration which I just don't think I can cope with so the whole reason for getting just extra torque update with the DMF still.

    Pedal feel-
    Driving it from the repairers it definitely required more muscle than the pussy stock clutch, but it is so nice to be able to hit the throttle hard and not have the revs go up with no extra speed (Bluefin Stage2 tune with ~205kW at the wheels).
    A week later, I am either used to the pedal feel, or it has "loosened up" a bit, it is just fractionally more difficult to press than the stock now. Engagement is excellent, you can feel it grab pretty well even when the foot hasn't fully lifted from the clutch pedal. Haven't stalled it yet, but I imagine it will happen one day if I try to do the idle/low revs take off that I sometimes did previously when not wanting a traffic light drag race.

    I had different part numbers in the group buy for the pressure plate than what I generally see for the clutch plate/pressure plate SRE combo pack-
    88 1864 999 502 for the organic clutch plate
    88 3082 999 787 for the pressure plate

    A lot of googling and now SRE pressure plate part number is now 883082.001394. When I do a bit more digging, it seems one part number was for LUK flywheels, and one for SACHs, and it seems the locating dowel diameter is slightly different between the two flywheels and people were having to drill the locating holes in one of the SACHs kits. I had to have a new LUK flywheel (the original flywheel had a bit of play in the pivot bearing/sleeve part) and the pressure plate went on fine. I tried to find what else differed between those 2 pressure plate part numbers, given how long ago this was bought, I just cannot find any detailed technical's on this from SACHs or anywhere.
    Actually looking on SACHs site now, there is another combo for MK6 R with different numbers for the pressure plate yet again, not sure what SACHs keep changing with that part?

    06F141015C with 001394.999502R (clutch plate 999502, pressure plate 001394)
    022 141 015 R
    06F 141 015


    06K141015J with 001422.999502J (clutch plate 999502, pressure plate 001422)
    06K 141 015 J

    I wish I understood all these codes, is a nightmare to try to work out what is what!

    From here-
    We show you how VW and Audi Part numbers Work - Articles - Deutsche Auto Parts
    06F - 2.0T FSI
    06H - 2.0T TSI
    06J 2.0T TSI
    06K - 1.8T and 2.0T (MQB MK7)

    Did any MK6 get 06K, weird?
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    Wow, that is me levels of procrastination. I thought I was bad in getting around to things.
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