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Thread: RNS510 stuck on start screen

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    RNS510 stuck on start screen

    Hi Can anyone help?
    I have a 2015 Passat with a RNS 510. It is stuck on the VW screen and keeps rebooting.
    I thought it may be a HDD so stripped down as per instructions found on the web, removed the drive I found it to be an SSD, and checked it on my computer it has 3 partitions and after a surface check with no problems was able to see the folders etc. It appears the drive is Ok but of course maybe corrupted.
    There is a CDor DVD in the drive, must have been in there for ages as i can remember using it, I can hear it spin up when the unit is turned on.
    I have no idea of hardware or Firmware versions as i can't get past the start up.
    I would like to try recovery or reflash of the Firmware, can this be done from the SD card? Any ideas of how to proceed?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Send me a PM with your VIN, I'll need to check the part number of your RNS510 to make sure you get the correct firmware to download.
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