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  • Skoda concept car

    The Skoda car company doesnít introduce a concept car very often, and when it does, it's mostly a pre-production model; and nearly all of them go into the production. However, the most significant concept car didnít make it to production, and probably never will.

    Iím talking about the Joyster.

    The Joyster was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2006, and after its premiere gained great popularity. The concept Joyster was based on versions of the Roomster, which at that time was not yet seen on Czech roads, but was nearing completion. The Joyster was supposed to be a two door sports coupe and should've apealled mainly to the younger generation; it featured LED headlights and other inovative features.
    It would significantly revive Skoda's car portfolio.

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