• Golf GTI 35 Edition - Are you GTI enough?

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    1. Oli's Avatar
      Oli -
      I would like to test her... she is beauty
    1. jimbomort's Avatar
      jimbomort -
      personally I found it all rather distracting, an add about a car, or a woman having an orgasm? I know sex sells, but please.... They didn't take it as far as her doing anything lewd with the gearstick, but only just.......
    1. CSR's Avatar
      CSR -
      Don't be a prude...It was a very tastefully done add imo and very much within VW's advertising standards.
    1. XTC838's Avatar
      XTC838 -
      Does anyone know if the 35 Edition will come in 5 Doors?
    1. phaeton's Avatar
      phaeton -
      Yes it is available o/s with a 5 door option.
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