• Geneva 2011: Multivan BlueMotion

    Clean BlueMotion Technology: Most fuel-efficient Multivan ever

    As BlueMotion model the seven-seater consumes just 6.4 l/100 km
    Sets new best-in-class emissions benchmark at 169g CO2 per kilometre

    Hanover / Geneva, March 2011. The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand will be showing its great innovative strength at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show. Even in spacious vehicles like the Multivan, BlueMotion technology exploits significant fuel-saving potential. The full-size, new Multivan BlueMotion, for instance, consumes almost a full litre of fuel less per 100 kilometres – making it the most fuel-efficient Multivan ever.
    Compared to its counterpart with the comparable engine specification from the current range (75 kW TDI), at just 6.4 l/100 km the Multivan BlueMotion needs 0.9 litres less diesel (emitting 169 rather than 193 g/km of CO2). This has been achieved by means of an efficient, high-torque common rail four cylinder engine combined with a Stop/Start system, battery regeneration, tyres with particularly low rolling resistance and special aerodynamic measures.
    The 2.0 TDI engine in the Multivan BlueMotion produces 84 kW / 114 PS in power and develops a maximum torque of 250 Newton metres from just 1,500 rpm. This frugal and simultaneously both powerful and comfortable powertrain enables fine driving performance carrying up to seven people, while maintaining minimal fuel consumption.

    The Stop/Start system in detail
    The Stop/Start system, which is fully intuitive to use, works in a very uncomplicated way: the Multivan BlueMotion driver approaches a red light, slows to a stop, shifts to neutral and takes his or her foot off the clutch. This immediately turns the engine off. The ‘Stop/Start’ indicator now appears on the multi-function display. As soon as the traffic light switches to green and the driver puts his or her foot on the clutch, the engine automatically starts, the ‘Stop/Start’ indicator goes out, the driver puts the vehicle into gear and drives on. There is nothing else the driver has to do. The Stop/Start system thus makes an appreciable contribution toward improved fuel economy.

    Battery regeneration in detail
    Regenerative braking helps the vehicle to utilise energy expended in driving in the best possible way. Whenever the Multivan BlueMotion is coasting or braking, i.e. whenever the driver simply lifts his foot off the accelerator or intentionally brakes, the generator’s voltage is increased and utilised to significantly recharge the vehicle’s battery.
    Thanks to this generator control and the fact that the battery is thus always optimally charged, the generator’s voltage can be reduced, for example during acceleration or when constantly maintaining the desired speed. This reduces engine load and thus lowers fuel consumption. Special software is needed for the energy management system, and the engine controller software needs to be modified to implement regenerative braking.

    Multivan BlueMotion equipment
    Visually the Multivan BlueMotion sets itself apart from other vehicles in the range through the model’s exclusive Glacier Blue Metallic paintwork – including for wing mirrors and door handles. Also recognisable by the BlueMotion lettering on front and back and in the tread board lights, this master of fuel economy runs as standard on 16-inch alloys with tyres that have particularly low rolling resistance. With chrome rings and a black frame, the optional fog lights are also given a design that is exclusive to the Multivan.

    The Multivan BlueMotion interior differentiates itself with special seat covers in the ‘Scout’ design. Standard equipment also includes a tyre pressure indicator, ‘Climatic’ climate control, the ‘Plus’ multi-function display, cruise control and carpeted floors in the driver’s cab and passenger compartment. The stainless steel look of trim components on the instrument panel and in chrome on the light switches and gear shift knob also give the interior a clearly upgraded feel.

    The Multivan BlueMotion is celebrating its debut at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show. This most fuel-efficient Multivan ever will be incorporated into Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ model range starting this spring.

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    1. mangoburger's Avatar
      mangoburger -
      Posted link is dead. Try this one:

      VW Multivan BlueMotion and Edition 25 premiere in Geneva

      and looks like it's no longer a show pony now:

      Volkswagen Multivan Blue Emotion Release Date | VW Review Release 2011

      I saw an Edition 25 at Frankston Hospital last week, nice looking van but knew nothing about it. I bet the sports pack does wonders for the body roll. Did VW ever release a Sportline in Oz?
    1. phaeton's Avatar
      phaeton -
      Link posted is dead because the news is on a new system.

      Only 75 Edition 5s will be sold in Australia and no Sportlines were sold here as VW UK did the modifications not VWCV.
    1. phaeton's Avatar
      phaeton -

      Multivan BlueMotion Seven-seater as BlueMotion consumes just 6.4 l/100 km

      Sets new standards in its class at 169 g CO2 per kilometre

      BlueMotion stands for an independent model that is the most fuel-efficient in its class. It is an individually designed and configured vehicle with a TDI engine. Equipped in this way, the new Multivan BlueMotion consumes nearly a litre less fuel per 100 km – making it the most fuel-efficient Multivan ever.

      Compared to its nearly equally powered counterpart in the current series (75 kW TDI), the new Multivan BlueMotion only needs 6.4 l/100 km, which is 0.9 litres less diesel fuel (equivalent to 169 g/km CO2 instead of 193 g/km). These results were made possible by an efficient and torque-strong common rail four-cylinder engine in combination with a Stop/Start system, battery regeneration, tyres with especially low rolling resistance and special aerodynamic measures. The 2.0 litre TDI engine in the Multivan BlueMotion outputs 84 kW / 114 PS and has a maximum torque of 250 Newton metres at a low 1,500 rpm. This fuel-efficient yet powerful and comfortable engine enables good driving performance (164 km/h top speed) with seating for up to seven people and low fuel consumption values.

      Visually, the Multivan BlueMotion sets itself apart from the rest of the model line-up by its Glacier Blue Metallic exterior colour, which is also applied to the door mirrors and door handles. This paint is used exclusively on this model. The master of fuel-saving is also recognisable by its BlueMotion signatures at the front and rear, as well as by its door sill lighting; it rides on standard 16-inch wheels with tyres that have especially low rolling resistance. The optional front fog lights are encircled by chrome rings and a black frame – a style exclusive to the Multivan BlueMotion.

      Inside, the Multivan BlueMotion is distinguished by special seat covers in “Scout” design. Other standard features include: tyre pressure control indicator, “Climatic” climate control system, Multifunction Display “Plus”, cruise control system and carpeted floors in the driver’s cab and passenger compartment. The dashboard was also significantly upgraded with new panels in stainless steel look, chrome accents on light switches and the gear shift grip, as well as additional matting in the storage compartments.

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