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Cost of extended warrranty

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Hi guys,

I just got quoted $2750 for VW genuine extended warranty with unlimited kms.
It's easily $500 more than I expected to pay and thought people were getting them for $2100ish.

For those who have bought extended warranty, what did you get (VW genuine which is underwritten by Allianz or another 3rd party one) and how much. To make it easy if you can specify the spec of your vehicle (Trendline, Comfortline, Highline) otherwise if its in your sig I'll just refer to that.

Cheers in advance!

I purchased an extended warranty from my dealer. At the time, the dealer indicated that VWA were having a promotion on the 'premium' extended warranty, although it was underwritten by a 3rd party. I was offered a limited extended warranty for an additional 2 years (at no cost - if I serviced my car at the dealer) but decided on the more comprehensive cover (had concerns on the longer term reliability of the DSG). Cost me $1,950 (think the original price was around $2,500). As I typically keep my cars for around 6 years, thought it was the way to go. If you intend to retain your car 3 - 4 years, I wouldn't take up the offer.

Not sure what the difference is between the VW genuine extended warranty and the 3rd party warranty I took out.

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