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2012 Tiguan water pump leak 2.0 TSI

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My 2012 Tiguan has just hit 110,000 klms and I've had to top up the coolant several times recently. On inspection the pink tell tale signs were around the auxiliary pump but the fluid is coming from higher up....the water pump. After reading several forums I should count myself lucky to get this far. I ahve ordered a cast aluminium pump from a site on Aliexpress. Delivered it will be US$149.55. I will fit it myself and take the opportunity to clean the inlets as it will mean having to remove the inlet manifold, a tedious job but not to hard I expect. At least its in the front, not like my old golf gt where it was at the back. I note that it is the water pump housing (in plastic) that fails, so in the future I will only need the actual water pump which is available separately. Fingers crossed the tiguan lasts the month or so till the part arrives. Should I remove the radiator cap in the meantime?

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  1. mazzamoore's Avatar
    Well today I have fitted the new cast water pump and thermostat housing. It was a high quality product I am well pleased, bought from China via aliexpress. My original housing has not failed, only the water pump bearing and seal, so I have a housing if anyone needs it, I believe you can buy just the pump. One small hangup was the mounting of the sender was a plate and bolt on the original plastic one and the cast one required a spring clip slide. Being New Years day I have to hand make one, no big deal. A teadiuos job that took me two half days. I also took the time to clean out the inlet chambers and the carbon on the back of the valves which was more then I expected to see as I always run 98 fuel.
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