Used 2.0 TSI engine parts WANTED

Hi, I am interested in aquiring a serviceable piston and exhaust valve for my 2.0 tsi engine code CCZB. Although I think all the 2.0 are the same. The marking on the piston is 82.455, the code is 06H BJ dated 01/06/2011.
My engine has 124,300 Klms when for no apparent reason it stopped firing on number 2 as I drove up a hill under load but not high rpm. I opened the engine to find a hole in the exhaust valve picture 6070, the edge of the piston missing picture 6073and half the tip of the spark plug missing. How knows what caused this engine failure. The timing chain was intact. The inlet was removed and cleaned at 110,000 at the time of a new water pump being fitted. The back of the valves are again full of carbon. Since about 100,000 I have had to add a liter of oil from time to time, recently move often, every 1,000klms or so. The still drove fine. Whats happened to me? How can I prevent it from happening again?
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  1. 2012 Tiguan water pump leak 2.0 TSI

    by , 21-11-2019 at 11:43 AM (Used 2.0 TSI engine parts WANTED)
    My 2012 Tiguan has just hit 110,000 klms and I've had to top up the coolant several times recently. On inspection the pink tell tale signs were around the auxiliary pump but the fluid is coming from higher up....the water pump. After reading several forums I should count myself lucky to get this far. I ahve ordered a cast aluminium pump from a site on Aliexpress. Delivered it will be US$149.55. I will fit it myself and take the opportunity to clean the inlets as it will mean having to remove ...
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