View Full Version : Polo 6n radiator fan blowing fuse

26-03-2014, 05:20 PM
Good day guys.

I need advice!!! My polo are driving me up the wall with all the problems that keeps on popping up. My radiator fan motor went so i ordered one from stokersvw, i received the fan joined it up and it started as soon as i switched the aircon on, but the fan motor was running crazy so then i went back to my wiring and saw i made a stupid mistake by connecting the fan wrong so i corrected my mistake and the fan worked but once again only if you switch on the a/c so i thought let me check what happens when it reached temperature, it blew the 20 amp vw fuse!!! So then i replaced the fuse and breach the radiator switch as i thought that thats the problem, when i breach the switch the fan kicks in without burning the fuse, plug the radiator switch and wait for temperature, again the fuse blows again. Can anyone please give me some advice?
thanx in advance

26-03-2014, 11:26 PM
O k guys so i fitted a 25 amp fuse, I'm not burning 20 amp fuses anymore but now my fan behaves like when i first did the wiring wrong, making a big vibration as if my polo is a boing going into reverse thrust!!! Big vibration all over the car. It happens when you turn on the A/C or simply if the fan kicks in to cool down the radiator?????